Rapper Vanilla Ice and pop icon Madonna won dubious honors Tuesday as an alternative music company issued its first list of irreverent Rhino Awards.

The Rhinos, reflecting the votes of pop music critics, were announced over bagels at Canter's Deli on the eve of Wednesday's Grammy Award extravaganza in New York.Rhino Records, known for marketing offbeat, quirky and nostalgic music, created the spoof honors to give critics an outlet for zapping artists who rely more on hype than creativity and "partly a response to the self-serving nature of most music industry awards," said Harold Bronson, the company's managing director.

Vanilla Ice, the white rapper who has been a much bigger hit with fans than critics, was bestowed in absentia with three Rhinos: The Leroy Neiman Award for worst artist, the Dan Quayle Award for least creative artist and the Taste of Honey Award for most inane new hit artist.

Madonna, who rekindled controversy with the steamy video for her single, "Justify My Love," won the Imelda Marcos Award for the video that wasted the most money and the Carl "Kung Fu Fighting" Douglas Award for most inferior single. She also earned the Warren Beatty Award for being the worst interview subject.

Other "winners" included: rapper M.C. Hammer, the Milli Vanilli Award for hit artist with least contribution to his hit; the film "Young Guns II," the Plan 9 From Outer Space Award for worst soundtrack album; Phil Collins, the Ronald Reagan Teflon Award for the star who remains most popular despite having lost talent; and the band Poison, the Spinal Tap Award for worst heavy-metal band.

None of the winners attended the fete.