IBM will contribute $13 million in hardware, software, services and training to improve education in Utah.

The contribution was announced Friday in a meeting among Gov. Norm Bangerter, IBM officials and legislators.Education units will be able to apply for portions of the $13 million through a procedure still being established.

Bangerter hailed the business contribution as a significant move to maintain the momentum of Utah's Technology Initiative. The Legislature expects to contribute $10 million or more to the initiative this year, as well.

Donald Holbrook, chairman of the board of directors of the Utah Partnership for Educational and Economic Development, also welcomed the donation enthusiastically. He said Utah is seen as a leader in developing business and education partnerships.

"We believe that technology can be used to significantly complement the education process in Utah and are delighted to have the opportunity to help introduce and implement this technology into the state's system at all levels," said Bob Egan, IBM general manager, Intermountain Region.