Four-year-old Joshua Matts' grandmother says the tyke knows four numbers: 1, 2, 3 and 9.

The 9 and the 1 saved a woman's life.Virginia Green, 58, an aide at Joshua's day-care center, collapsed in a seizure and the boy was able to dial 911 to summon an ambulance in time to help save her life.

Joshua, who turned 4 years old in January, was taught to dial the emergency number by his mother after they saw a television segment of "Geraldo" about latchkey kids dialing 911 in an emergency.

"I told them big Ginia fall down," Joshua told the San Jose Mercury News, referring to the nickname he uses for the aide at his mother's day-care center.

Joshua and a 5-year-old friend were resting in a room next to the kitchen when Green, who was loading the dishwasher, suffered a seizure and collapsed.

Joshua climbed a chair to reach the telephone and dialed 911.

A transcript of the phone call showed Joshua telling the dispatcher: "Mom? Know what? Ginia's . . . Ginia's is hurt."

The dispatcher asks, "What?"

"Ginia's . . . Ginia can't get up 'cause, 'cause . . . Would come here 'cause, 'cause Ginia's bumped her head 'cause we have blood everywhere."