Lab tests have determined that a former Utah woman found slain in California last month was sexually assaulted prior to her death.

Police Lt. Rick Johnson said it has also been determined that some jewelry and electronic items were taken from the apartment of Malinda Gibbons at the time of her death.Gibbons was found dead in her apartment by her husband Ken when he returned from work on July 18. The couple had just moved to California and had been in the area about three weeks. They had moved into the apartment over the weekend, and much of their belongings had yet to be unpacked.

Johnson said police still have no firm leads despite the offering of a $25,000 reward by private individuals. He said sexual assault and robbery are now considered the prime motives for the slaying. Gibbons died of a stab wound in her chest that punctured the aorta.

Police have determined that Gibbons' watch, wedding and engagement rings, and an electronic calculator were taken.