AC/DC, the Australian band that was playing the night three teenagers were trampled to death in the Salt Palace, was served with a multimillion-dollar lawsuit this week, an attorney representing the father of one of the victims said.

Attorney Craig Clark Jr. said it was important for him to serve AC/DC with the suit before the band left for a European tour. The band was served Thursday night, immediately before its concert at the Miami Arena."This brings them under the jurisdiction of the Utah courts," Clark said. "That means we can get them into town for depositions and such."

Bruce C. Child, whose son, Curtis, died as a result of the band's Jan. 18 concert, is suing the band, its managers, the agency that books AC/DC's engagements, the company that manages the Salt Palace, the company that provided security at the concert, the local concert promoter that brought AC/DC to town and the radio station that sponsored the concert.