Now that he has been passed over as a vice-presidential running mate, Jack Kemp is ready to move on to a bigger job - commissioner of the National Football League.

And why would Kemp, a pro quarterback from 1957-69, want to leave politics and return to football?For one thing, he would finally make more money than his son, Jeff. As the No.-2 quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Jeff Kemp will make $295,000 this season. As the No. 2 man for the United States, Jack Kemp's would have made $150,000.

Pete Rozelle, current commish of the NFL, makes $1.4 million and says that when he retires in two years Kemp would be an excellent replacement. Rozelle revealed that after Kemp failed to get the call as vice presidential material, he called to say that he was interested in being the next NFL commissioner.

And why not? At least he probably would have a term of longer than four years and certainly would get more exposure as the No. 1 man in the NFL than he would as the No. 2 man in the U.S. Mmmm. Maybe then he could try again for that presidential nomination.

"I think it makes sense to have someone who has been in football," Rozelle said. "If I step down, Jack would be a strong candidate."

*** Trade winds: The Los Angeles Rams are trying to trade sprinter/receiver Ron Brown, who flunked his attempt to get into the Olympics and now wants back into the NFL. When Tampa Bay called, the Rams said their asking price was a second and fifth-round pick in the 1990 draft. They don't want any more picks for next year because they already have 16 picks next year.