City officials are jumping at the chance to buy an underground water right from a Pleasant Grove resident.

The resident, whose name City Council members declined to reveal until after the sale is completed, wants to sell rights to 96 acre-feet of culinary-quality water - enough to meet the needs of about 57 families of four for a year.The seller would prefer to sell the right to the city, Mayor David Holdaway said. After researching the right, Pleasant Grove's public works committee determined it is worth $16,000.

City Council members Tuesday authorized the city to go ahead and buy the water share, using money from the city's water enterprise fund.

"Over the next 10 to 15 years water is . . . going to be like gold," Holdaway said. "We ought to take every opportunity to buy (water)."

Once the city owns the underground water right it will transfer that right to the city well system, allowing Pleasant Grove to pump more water out of the well.