Age: 47\ Where born: Salt Lake City\ Family: Husband, Charles D. Kay; children: Brett, Cory and Megan\ Education: Holy Cross Hospital School of Nursing, 1964; Brigham Young University, bachelor's degree in nursing, 1977; BYU master of science, 1984

Primary product: General medical/surgical health care\ Primary market: Orem and Utah County\ Number of employees: 100-125\ Annual sales: $6,970,000

PERSONALITY PROFILE\ First "real" job: Reinhard's Frostop (carhop), Provo.

Management style: Situational, flexible.\ Strategy for success: Manage change efficiently and effectively.

A memorable failure: Failed to impress a physician we were trying to settle into a practice when my car ran out of gas on the freeway while returning to Salt Lake City with him.

Heroes: George Washington, Florence Nightingale.

Leisure time and hobbies: Snow and water skiing; softball; professional spectator watching kids' sports events.

Favorite book and movie: "The Change Resisters" by George S. Odiorne and "Management of Organizational Behavior" by Hershey and Blanchard; "Somewhere In Time."