City officials announced plans Tuesday to develop an organic composting facility to reduce the amount of waste dropped in the city dump.

Mayor Joe Jenkins asked the City Council to consider appropriating $200,000 to get the project going. The council will discuss a resolution requesting the funds in two weeks. Jenkins said he would like to get the facility going by the first of April.The mayor said 40 to 60 percent of the city's refuse comes in yard waste such as leaves, grass clippings and tree branches. A composting facility could extend the life of the new landfill on U.S. 68, six miles north of Elberta. City Public Services Director David Gunn estimated the new dump can accommodate Provo's needs for the next 50 years.

The city will also put together a citizens committee to study solid-waste management. Officials anticipate a comprehensive recycling plan growing out the committee's findings.

City Chief Administrative Officer Thomas A. Martin said recycling will take a "massive" re-education effort. "We cannot simply throw things away like we've had in the past."