City officials say they hope the newly created Spanish Fork Arts Council will "promote interest, participation, education and information in the arts and humanities."

The City Council recently approved $4,000 in funding for the arts council. They also passed a resolution that establishes the powers and responsibilities of the group. The resolution gives Mayor Marie Huff the power to appoint volunteers to the council. Members will serve four-year terms with no limit on how many terms they may serve.Huff has appointed seven members to the arts council: MaryEllen Christensen; Ann Banks; Randy Booth; Chris Harrington; Pam Musil and Kirstia Sorenson, as well as Councilwoman Thora Shaw, who will also monitor the group's progress and report to the City Council.

According to the resolution establishing the board, the group will "develop human cultural potential" and "represent the wide cultural interest of the community."

The council's budget will include sponsoring fine arts performances, such as a set of musical film and dance series, as well as a lecture series from local artists, authors and poets. Members of the City Council also asked the group to consider creating an annual city arts festival.

The city has two theater groups - the Spanish Fork Community group and the Spanish Fork Children's Theater group - for whom the arts council will act as a council liaison for scheduling dates and places for performances. The arts council may also provide some financial support to those groups.

Additionally, the non-profit organization will take over supervision of the Spanish Fork Community Theater group and also oversee the Miss Spanish Fork Pageant. Both areas has been under the supervision of the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days Committee, which will now concentrate solely on aspects of that annual event.