Orem Community Hospital-

ACHZIGER, Randall and Christy Lynne, West Valley City, boy.

AKANA, Stanton and Joleen, Lindon, girl.

BIRD, Phillip Brandt and Wendy, Orem, girl.

CHAMBERS, Michael Dwayne and Cynthia Lou, Provo, girl.

CLAYSON, Calvin Dirk and Loretta, Orem, boy.

CROCKETT, Lewis Nick and Andrea, Provo, boy.

CROSLAND, Roger Earl and Ruth Packard, Orem, girl.

EVANS, Ken and Kimberly, Provo, girl.

HARRIS, Troy and Becky Lee, Provo, boy.

HENRIE, James and Peggy, Lehi, girl.

HOLMES, Dixon and Michele P., Provo, boy.

JOLLEY, Steven and Uuly, Orem, girl.

LIDDELL, Russell and Michelle L., Orem, boy.

LONG, Greg and Karla, Provo, boy.

MARYON, Daniel and Dorothy, Orem, boy.

MAYNE, Steve and Tamara J., Heber City, boy.

MOAKE, Steven and Mary, Orem, boy.

MOWEN Jeffrey and Erin Omalley, Provo, boy.

MURPHY, Paul R. and Therese Annamarie, Provo, boy.

NEIL, John P. and Julie A., Orem, girl.

NIELSEN, Mark and Cindee, Orem, girl.

SEWELL, Wade and Suzann, Provo, girl.

SMITH, Tracy L. and Sheryl, Provo, boy.

THORNLEY, Noel and Heireann, Orem, boy.

THURGOOD, David J. and Janet, Provo, boy.