Gloria Molina, an instant national political leader with her election as the first Hispanic woman to the County Board of Supervisors, said her top priority will be to expand the powerful five-member panel ultimately to 9 members.

Less than a day after winning the historic election that gave Los Angeles County its first Hispanic member this century and its first elected woman supervisor, Molina tried Wednesday to put to rest instant speculation that she may soon run for mayor."I would love to run this city, but that is farfetched right now," she said, adding that she planned to serve on the Board of Supervisors at least one term before considering a run for mayor of the nation's second-largest city.

"The fact of the matter is this will be an unbelievable challenge," Molina said of her new post. For the past five years she has served as a Los Angeles city councilwoman.

Earlier Wednesday, the supervisor-elect was ushered into the Los Angeles City Hall council chambers with her 3-year-old daughter Valentina. There, she was given a standing ovation by her 13 council colleagues and was greeted by a dozen red roses that were left on her desk by Council President John Ferraro.

Molina, 42, on Tuesday defeated her one-time boss, state Sen. Art Torres, by a margin of 10 percentage points in the election ordered by the courts to correct what it said was a deliberate attempt by the Board of Supervisors to dilute Hispanic voting strength by creatively drawing district lines.