Is the Utah Economic Development Corp. trying to take command of all economic development efforts in Utah?

John Price, Salt Lake developer and a member of the Utah Economic Development Board said last week he has a feeling that is a possibility and believes that organization and Metro Utah should work together to promote economic development.Price's comments came at the conclusion of a presentation by Scott Muir, chairman of the board of Metro Utah, who updated the board on the organization's activities. Muir said there has been no dialogue between Metro Utah and UEDC, a year-old organization designed to promote economic development in Salt Lake County.

David J. Grant, Utah Division of Business and Economic Development director, said there has been dialogue between Metro Utah and UEDC, there just haven't been any meetings between Metro Utah officials and Rick Thrasher, UEDC's president and chief executive officer, who started work last May.

Price said the board should support both organizations, especially if the board is going to put money into Metro Utah.

Muir said Metro Utah was organized three years ago to promote economic development in 11 northern Utah counties. In addition to recruiting corporations to Utah, the group now is involved in helping existing Utah business expand.

He said Metro Utah officials will oppose any attempt at being incorporated into UEDC and suggested that once UEDC decides on its scope, dialogue can occur.