Salt Lake City and County will be well-represented at the upcoming Governor's Conference on Library and Information Services, an ambitious attempt to involve Utahns from all walks of life in exploring the state's information needs and priorities.

Among the local delegates will be Eileen Longsworth, Gene Davis, Tom Godfrey, J. Boyer Jarvis, Alice Shearer, Carol Berrey, Helen Cox, Helene Fairchild, Cecelia Foxley, Maxine Haggerty, Franses Hoopes, Terry Hogan, Ruben Jimenez, Jeffrey Johnson and Ben Ocun.Also, Katherine Olsen, Cynthia Ong, Gwen Scholes, Nancy Sanchez, Jerry Aldrich, Carol Gish, Marian Karpisek, Marilou Sorenson, Nelson Williams, Steve Klass, Ken Luker, Bim Oliver, Colleen Randall and Merna Smith.

Recommendations from conference delegates will be translated into plans, policies and programs for libraries in the 1990s.