Roger Ruzek is back at his Utah home to hunt and fish and the Dallas Cowboys are headed for Monday night's game against the Chicago Bears without their starting kicker from last season.

Talks Thursday between Ruzek's representatives and Cowboys vice president Joe Bailey did not end the kicker's 29-day absence from training camp. Ruzek says he's retired; the Cowboys say he's a holdout. There are no plans to meet again, although both sides say they are eager to end the impasse.Ruzek, who had earlier rebuffed media contact, held an impromptu news conference outside the Las Colinas offices of his negotiating team, Steve Weinberg and Bucky Woy.

He said "it seems apparent" that the Cowboys have a personal problem dealing with Weinberg, who has had a history of troubled negotiations (the most celebrated of which concerned Everson Walls) with the Cowboys.

"What you have here is the case of an agent who is bitter toward the Dallas Cowboys," said Cowboys president Tex Schramm.

The Cowboys have been offering Ruzek a four-year deal that averages $128,000 a season.