The owner of a Riverton funeral home accused of selling services he was unlicensed to offer and misusing a customer's deposit has agreed to have his license placed on probation, an order said.

Ronald Lamont Broomhead can remain in business during the three-year probation, but the order said he must repay $1,100 to a customer, stop personally selling pre-arranged funeral plans until he is licensed to do so and meet with the state Funeral Service Board within a month.Broomhead Funeral Home, however, does have employees licensed to sell pre-arranged funeral plans, Broomhead said.

In October 1985, Broomhead sold a pre-arranged funeral agreement to a customer while an employee with Deseret Mortuary. When Broomhead left Deseret to start his own funeral home in 1987, the customer stopped making payments to Deseret and paid $900 to Broomhead.

A petition issued by the state Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing said Broomhead violated the law by not having a license to sell pre-arranged funeral agreements for his funeral home, not signing a contract with the customer, and not placing 75 percent of the money in trust within 30 days of receiving it.

Instead, Broomhead cashed the check and used the money in his new business, the order said.

Broomhead said the situation involved a personal friend whom he was trying to help, but it "has caused more problems than it was worth."