To the editor:

Utahns are invited to join the Olympic Bid Committee in an all-out effort to bring home the gold.The 1998 Winter Olympic host city will be selected by the 94 members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) on June 15, and Salt Lake's chances are excellent. Hosting the games will enable us to welcome the world to share Utah's culture, recreation and winter sports wonderland. This great prize, which can be achieved, will stimulate the state's economy and our pride.

The Salt Lake Olympic Bid Committee has discovered that the surest way to win IOC votes is to bring its members here so they can learn first-hand why Utah is the world's most hospitable and ideal Olympic site.

Eight IOC members visited Utah's venues before Atlanta was awarded the 1996 Summer Olympics. All eight have urged us to continue and intensify our bid effort. That, they say, can best be done by personal, on-site briefings of as many IOC members as possible. About 60 IOC members have accepted our invitation, 22 of whom have already visited Salt Lake City. Another 10 have been invited.

The visits will cost approximately $1.3 million more than we have planned to spend, but we feel confident that this will help us bring home the gold when the IOC meets in Birmingham, England, to choose a host.

Please phone the Salt Lake City Olympic Bid Committee officer at 322-1998, and say you will contribute to the International Olympic Committee fund, or send your donation to the Salt Lake Olympic Committee, P.O. Box 45-1998, Salt Lake City, UT 84145-1998. We'll send you a free, "I'm Backin' the Bid" bumper sticker. If we each give $25, our goal will be easily reached. Any contribution, however, will be most gratefully received.

Norman H. Bangerter, governor

Palmer A. DePaulis, host mayor

Thomas K. Welch, Olympic bid chairman