If the Human Services and Health Appropriations Subcommittee honors instructions from legislative leadership, essential human needs will go unmet, says Sen. John Holmgren, R-Bear River City, committee co-chairman.

The panel voted to present a base budget $11.4 million above the legislative fiscal analysts' budget.Among the results of such cuts:

- Income eligibility for the Medically Needy program would drop from $340 to $310 a month and reduce services.

- Public assistance grants would be cut. A family of three, which receives $402, would have to live on $376.

- 3,000 poor people would be prevented from getting help for life-threatening illnesses.

- Abuse-prevention services in two rural crisis centers would be ended.

- Early intervention services for some children would not be funded.

- Larger waiting lists for Meals on Wheels for homebound elderly people.

- People who are eligible but don't take welfare would be forced onto the rolls to get medical care.

- Number of health-care providers who will care for low-income people would be reduced.