Alta View Hospital-

BENNION, Jess and Heather, Sandy, girl.

MAXFIELD, Kae and SMITH, Robert, Murray, girl.

MCBRIDE, David and Kathleen, Murray, boy.

MICKELSON, Calvin and Karolyn, Sandy, boy.

MILLS, Patrick and Frances, Riverton, girl.

OLSEN, Bradley and Marnie, West Valley City, boy.

RASMUSSEN, Paul and Lynette, Sandy, boy.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ADAIR, Lynn and Tammy, Salt Lake City, girl.

ADAMS, John and Annette, Sandy, boy.

BAMBRICK, Paul and Alison, Salt Lake City, girl.

COFFEY, Michael and Robin, Salt Lake City, boy.

CRAWFORD, Steven and Joy, Sandy, girl.

DANIELS, Marc and Arlene, West Jordan, boy.

GENTRY, Brian and Susanne, Sandy, boy.

GWILLIAM, Scott and Heather, Salt Lake City, girl.

HATHAWAY, Sheldon and Valerie, Sandy, girl.

JACKSON, Christopher and Rebecca, Bountiful, girl.

LARSEN, Robin and Brenda, Midvale, girl.

LATTEIER, John and Kari, Salt Lake City, boy.

LUCERO, Cory and Melanie, Ely, NV, girl.

MAY, Timothy and Julie, Riverton, boy.

MELVY, Kenneth and Cheryl, Salt Lake City, boy.

MERKLEY, Reed and Debra, Salt Lake City, boy.

MILLER, Delvy and Sherry, Salt Lake City, boy.

NYE, Troy and Cindy, Salt Lake City, boy.

PACKER, Randall and Ranee, Sandy, girl.

SMITH, Russell and Cheryl, Salt Lake City, boy.

SWENSEN, Tony and Lynanne, Sandy, girl.

WILSON, Scott and Tammy, Sandy, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Shane and Michelle, girl.

COLE, Johnnie and Donna, boy.

GAGON, Bill and Kristin, boy.

O'CONNOR, Charles and Kathryn, boy.

PRICE, Victor and Alfonsa, girl.

WOUDEN, Marinus and Marilyn, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BOWMAN, Jerry D. and Lisa, boy.

CHRISTIANSEN, David and Kelly, girl.

GODDERIDGE, Scott Charles and Kathryn, girl.

GORZITZE, Greg and Karen, girl.

KEANE, Stanley and Robin, boy.

LARRABEE, Michael and Annette, boy.

MCDONALD, Michael and Sheila, boy.

NELSON, Michael and Beth Ann, girl.

NORTH, Michael and Joan, boy.

ROMERO, Greg and Karine, boy.

THATCHER, Thomas and Kathryn, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ALLRED, Jack and Roberta, Salt Lake City, twins, boy and girl.

CHO, Peter and Patricia, Salt Lake City, boy.

EDWARDS, Gregory and Linda, West Jordan, boy.

GALLAND, Joel and Julie, Salt Lake City, girl.

ROSQUIST, Gary and Georgia, Midvale, boy.

SLACK, Bryan and Penny, West Valley City, boy.

SMITH, Jeffrey and Suzanne, Salt Lake City, boy.

UPTMOR, Bret and Wendy, Salt Lake City, girl.