The feuding of the Maras will be just another part of the New York Giants' storied past now that Robert Tisch has purchased 50 percent of the Super Bowl champions.

That aside, the former postmaster general who heads the multibillion-dollar Loews Corp. says Giant fans should relax. His presence will barely be noticeable.On Wednesday, the brother of CBS president Laurence Tisch bought the stock owned by Helen Mara Nugent, her son Tim and daughter Maura Mara Concannon. The remaining stock continues to be held by Wellington Mara, Tim's uncle, who does not speak to his nephew.

"There won't be any changes," Tisch said of his conditional purchase, to be voted on by NFL owners next month in Hawaii.

"Well, Mara will be running the operation," Tisch said. "I'll be involved, but not in the day-to-day operations."

What is perhaps of more interest to Giant fans is that general manager George Young - who rescued them from years of failure fueled by the Mara feud - will remain as chief of football operations.

"George Young is an outstanding person in football, and the job that he has done is absolutely fantastic," Tisch said.

Tisch's title will be chairman and co-chief executive officer.