Bud Scruggs, Gov. Norm Bangerter's chief of staff, said Tuesday that the governor supports HB94, a lobbyist registration and financial disclosure bill that has passed the House and awaits Senate action.

Bangerter has said before that he believes lobbyists should more fully disclose how much money they spend on state legislators. The bill, which received overwhelming House support, would make a registered lobbyist detail how much is spent on lobbying and list individual legislators who got more than $100 in aid from the lobbyist in one year."Actually, the governor believes the limit should be $25 a year. Not $100," said Scruggs. "He feels that is a bit too high."

In other ethics action, in a parliamentary move senators tabled SJR17, a legislative rule change proposed by Sen. Haven Barlow, R-Layton. The rule would require House and Senate members to list any lobbyist who spent more than $250 a year on them, how much was spent and on what. Barlow said he's preparing a number of amendments to the rule change and will attempt later to get the two-thirds vote needed to lift the bill from the table for further consideration.