It all began when George Osterloh decided to collect antique cars.

"George was so enthusiastic about his hobby, I wanted to find one just as interesting," says wife Marco. "So I started shopping around for costumes that would look right when he took us for Sunday afternoon drives or when we attended antique car club conventions."

She began frequenting estate sales, hunting for antique shops and poking around attics. Soon old clothes had woven a spell and the Salt Laker was enchanted by their magic.

That was over 30 years ago. Today Marco Osterloh has a treasure-trove of interesting outfits, including an ornate beaded gown once worn by Utah's Silver Queen.

The entire family now participates in the hobby - sons, daughters, in-laws, grandchildren and cousins. And the group loves to put on fashion shows.

"It's a common interest we share. . . a wonderful thing that binds us together," says Marco.

The group usually does just several shows a year, although countless requests are received. It's simply too much work to do more, family members explain. Clothes must be put in perfect repair; outfits must be accessorized, the scripts must be written, friends must be enlisted to help out backstage. As for costume changes - they're ponderous! It's a big production.

On Saturday, 1:30 p.m., the Sunday Anderson Westside Center, 868 W. 900 South, will be the setting for a big Osterloh production, being sponsored by Neighborhood House. In the spotlight will be clothes dating from the 1870s through the 1940s.

Sydney Osterloh Stoddard is putting together the script, which will focus on fashion and history as well. Commentator will be Shelley Osterloh Young. Models include Marco and George Osterloh, Sydney and Gary Stoddard, Wade and Judy Osterloh, Shelley Osterloh Young and Richard Young, Brooke Stoddard, Cody Stoddard, Scott Osterloh, Mandi Rowland, Ahren LeMont Young, Logan Young, Marco Young, Claudia Summerhays, Cherie Summerhays, Debbie Draney and Tyler Draney.

Intermission entertainment will be provided by children from the Summerhays branch of the family. Refreshments will be served.

The show commemorates the tenth anniversary of Neighborhood House's Senior Day Care Center, and is open to the public, admission free.

The Senior Day Care Center offers services to seniors unable to care for themselves during the day. It also offers assistance to their families.

For further information about the center or the fashion show, call Neighborhood House Senior Day Care Center, 363-4593.