Salt Lake police detectives are investigating an unusual case in which a man was apparently kidnapped Tuesday night.

The victim and his girlfriend apparently lived with the man's parents in Texas for a while, but the 19-year-old woman decided to return to Bountiful when they ended their relationship. Shortly after, police said, the man came to find her and moved to Salt Lake City.The couple had apparently been fighting and threatening each other off and on, police said. Last weekend, the woman invited her ex-boyfriend to Wendover. They stopped somewhere in the desert, and while the man was going to the bathroom, the woman apparently drove off and left him, police said.

The man managed to return to Salt Lake City and called the woman Tuesday night. He apparently told her he would leave her alone and return home to Texas if she would give him a certain amount of money, according to police.

She reportedly agreed to meet him, and later the victim was picked up and taken to a place where three men were waiting. Police said the three men jumped in the car, handcuffed the man and drove him to Mueller Park Canyon in Bountiful.

One of the men held an automatic pistol to the victim's head and ordered him to dig his own grave. As the man was digging in the snow, one man threatened to shoot him, but the other two apparently intervened. They threw the man back into the car and drove him back to Salt Lake City after he promised to leave the woman alone.

The man told officers he has since decided to return to Texas.

No arrests have yet been made in the case, but police are investigating the incident.