Three Salt Lake County men accused of firing several bullets into a home during a drive-by shooting earlier this year were charged Tuesday with attempted murder.

David L. Mills, 18; Robert Martin, 18; and Quetzalcohual S. Chapman, 19; were each charged with one count of attempted second-degree murder in 3rd Circuit Court.Investigators said the shots were fired into a house located at 1109 S. 1400 West on Jan. 19.

The charges were filed after the driver of the car told police that "all three men had guns" and when they drove by the house, "each of the men leaned out of each of the windows and shot several shots at the house," a court document said.

Salt Lake County deputy sheriffs arrested Mills in the Kearns area Feb. 1 for possession of a dangerous concealed weapon after a man was seen throwing a rifle into some bushes. Deputy sheriffs found a .30 caliber carbine automatic and a clip loaded with 22 rounds in the bushes near a Kearns warehouse.