County commissioners have changed the names of justice court precincts in Millard County, redefined boundaries, and appointed judges in both courts.

Daniel Hansen, who was elected to the Justice Court in Delta, was appointed judge in the newly designated Millard County Justice Court, West Precinct. Ronald Hare, longtime judge in the justice court in Fillmore, was appointed to the position in the Millard County Justice Court, East Precinct.The new court designations and boundary changes were approved through adoption of a county ordinance.

Commissioners said justice court precinct boundaries have not followed the usual travel patterns and flow of commerce in the county and that defining of boundaries by reference to known landmarks or monuments has been extremely difficult. Peace officers have had difficulty identifying some boundaries and have been unable to certify citation of individuals to the proper justice court.

Most boundaries have not been defined in relation to section markers located in designated ranges and townships on maps. Some prominent reference points, such as railroads, power lines and a mountain range, were retained in the description.

The Utah Legislature modified references to justice courts, and it was concluded that similar modifications should be made to the Millard County Code of Ordinances, commissioners said.