Gov. Norm Bangerter and millionaire industrialist Jon Huntsman have been a little too generous with their tax payments in the past, and state officials want to repay them.

Bangerter and Huntsman are among more than 2,500 people listed as having money held by the state treasurer's Unclaimed Property Division. The list will be published in the Deseret News on Monday.Lorin Nielsen, deputy state treasurer, said both men apparently overpaid their county property taxes sometime between 1979 and 1982. He declined to reveal the exact amount, except to say it was more than $50.

Huntsman and Bangerter can either walk down the hall from the governor's office at the state Capitol to get the money, or they can go to the Utah State Fair. State officials will set up a booth at the fair for people to claim property.

Nielsen said some of the obligations date from the 1930s. Not all the money comes from taxes. Banks and private companies turn money over to the state after having waited several years for the owners to come back.

The division's complete 50-year list contains between 75,000 and 80,000 names, Nielsen said.