He was a very poor student who wouldn't memorize and had difficulty getting into graduate school and landing jobs; he loved to go sailing in tough weather despite the fact he never learned to swim; he loved fairy tales, taking long walks and didn't like "stuff with motors."

He was Dr. Albert Einstein, winner of the Nobel Prize in physics for formulating the theory of relativity and widely regarded as one of the most brilliant minds in human history. The gentle, very human side of the great scientist will be explored by Len Barron, actor and sociologist, at today's Southern Utah University Convocation.Barron will present two performances of his one-man show in the Randall L. Jones Theatre, the first at 11 a.m. and the second at 8 p.m. Both performances are free and open to the public. Barron said the morning lecture will be on "Einstein in the 21st Century," and the evening performance will be an in-depth look at the man titled "Walking Lightly . . . A Portrait of Einstein."