Beleaguered business tycoon Donald Trump has missed the cut for the 1991 edition of the World Book Encyclopedia.

A. Richard Harmet, executive editor of the World Book, says the developer, casino owner and man-about-town "makes interesting newspaper copy, but so far he lacks lasting significance for a World Book article."A person must have made a major contribution to his or her field; or, a topic must have a lasting significance," Harmet said Monday.

Trump, who was divorced in December, has come under pressure from creditors at his Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, N.J., and has had to refinance millions in debt over the past year to keep his business empire afloat.

Those who were chosen for the 1991 World Book include the late Lucille Ball, joint chiefs of staff chairman Colin Powell, movie director Francis Ford Coppola, Ray Charles, deposed dictator Manuel Noriega, writers John Irving, E.L. Doctorow, Larry McMurtry and Elmore Leonard, sports heroes Joe Montana and Nolan Ryan, Hitler mistress Eva Braun and New York Mayor David Dinkins.