Outlaws, lawmen and early Uintah Basin history will live again in Vernal. The Outlaw Trail History Association and Center, located in the Uintah County Library, is in full swing with more than 70 members across the nation. The center has more than 40 files on Butch Cassidy alone. The Outlaw Trail History Center, which is located on the Outlaw Trail between the notorious Strip and Brown's Park, is growing daily.

The Outlaw Trail History Association is an affiliate association with National Outlaw/Lawmen Association and Utah Historical Association. The center focuses on regional history of the greater Uintah Basin and the intermountain corridor. This includes topics such as mountain men, forts, Uintah Railway, Indians, women's history, natural resources and environmental history, ethnic history and the greater Western history.The association will be sending out two newsletters a year and will also publish "The Outlaw Trail Journal" semiannually. John Barton, history instructor at Utah State University, Uintah Basin Education Center, will edit the journal. Associate editor will be Michael Kelley, associate professor of history, Utah State University, Uintah Basin Education Center. The publication will be a professional journal and include researched historical articles, a section devoted to folk tales and a special section for interesting tidbits such as cowboy and historical poetry. So, if you mother told you she danced with Matt Warner or your folks visited with a member of the Wild Bunch, or early reminiscences of settling the Basin, Indian stories, etc., send your story in.

The newsletter will be written by Doris Burton, director of the center. It will let you know what is going on in the association and at the center.

Construction on the addition to the Uintah County Library, which will include the new and expanded Outlaw Trail History Center, will begin this spring. This will house more than 1,000 bound books on Western and regional history, 3,000 files of primary documents, 13,000 photographs, newspaper collections from the area, maps, microfilm, etc.

To receive your charter membership in the Outlaw Trail History Association and your copy of the newsletters and journals, send $10 to: Outlaw Trail History Center, 155 East Main, Vernal, UT 84078. For more information, call toll free 1-800-388-4538, Monday through Thursday afternoon.