Breakfast for champions Ezequiel Tovar, left, and Juan Hernandez are all smiles since Midvale Elementary officially opened for breakfast - becoming the first Jordan District school to serve two meals a day. Carlos Garcia helps Laura Garcia add the snap, crackle and pop to her rice cereal, and hundreds of other students chowed down on fruit, juice, bread and other varieties of cereal. Convinced that no one studies well on an empty stomach, principal Sherry J. Wasden pushed to have her school pilot the district's program, and the kids aren't complaining. Nearly 100 of the state's 654 schools have opened their cafeterias early to offer students a hearty beginning to the school day. In Salt Lake County both Granite and Murray Districts have put breakfast on the back burner. Jordan will evaluate extending the program to other schools, based on Midvale Elementary's success. Just like school lunch, the breakfast program must break even.