Operators of front-end loaders work to move an estimated 3 tons of trash that fell from an automatic loader-type garbage truck at the gully-laden intersection of Deerfield (125 East) and 1200 North early Tuesday morning in Centerville. Curtis Jones, manager of the firm, which contracts for Centerville's garbage pickup, said it wasn't human error that caused the problem. Rather, he said, the end gate on the back of the truck apparently broke. The firm dispatched an open container and workmen to clean up the trash, which, according to one resident, was mostly cleaned up by 9:30 a.m. Marden Spencer, sales manager for Vicker's, a truck body manufacturing and repair firm, where the vehicle was taken, said efforts were still being made Tuesday midmorning to determine whether the truck's tailgate latches malfunctioned. Randy Randall, public works director for Centerville City, which dispatched the front loaders, said he thinks latches failed because of the pressure of garbage in the truck.