Salt Lake police have yet to find a suspect in the shooting of University of Utah basketball player Paul Afeaki.

Afeaki, 22, was shot through his left trapezius, the large muscle on top of his shoulder, Thursday after approaching the driver of a car that he inadvertently cut off.Detectives and officers have searched for a suspect during the past five days and "have checked out several leads" but haven't made any arrests, a spokesman said.

The shooting occurred when a man followed Afeaki, his wife and year-old son from a downtown restaurant, flashed his lights and stopped behind the Afeaki's car near 1000 E. and 800 South.

A police report said Afeaki got out of his car and approached the driver of a late-model blue Honda CRX. The man opened his door, "leaned his head out and aimed the gun at (Afeaki). The suspect then fired one shot from his .45-caliber semi-automatic pistol," the report said.

Afeaki ran to his home nearby and asked a neighbor to call police. He was taken to University Hospital and later released.

The suspect is described as a balding white male in his mid-30s driving a blue and gray Honda with a red stripe, tinted windows and no front license plate.