Rep. Howard C. Nielson, R-Utah, says vice presidential nominee Dan Quayle should get off the Republican ticket because he is hurting George Bush's chances to be elected president.

"I think he should get out now and cut his losses," Nielson told the Deseret News. He said controversy surrounding Quayle "hurts the ticket; it can't do anything else."Quayle has been criticized for joining the Indiana National Guard in 1969, possibly to avoid combat in Vietnam when his student deferment was about to expire upon his graduation from DePauw University.

Nielson said, "The question was whether this was a cheap way out, and did he use improper influence to do it."

Nielson also noted, however, that little attention has been given by the press to the fact that a son of Democratic vice presidential nominee Lloyd Bentsen also joined the National Guard at almost the same time and in the same situation.