Just when you think those Keebler Elves have plumbed the depths of the last cookbook in fairyland, up pops another new cookie! "Elfkins" are bite size sandwich cookies - fudge cookies with fudge filling. The 13-oz. box retails for $1.69, and the cookies are advertised as being cholesterol-free and low in saturated fat.

Kay Hadley: "The fudge-filled cookies taste pretty good, but somehow the shape of an elf or an elfkin (whatever an elfkin is) didn't prove to be a thrill for anyone at our house."Perhaps younger children relate better to `elfkins' - we'll pass on the product."

Don Russell: "These bite-size sandwich cookies didn't last more than a couple of minutes at our house. They were an instant hit with both young and old alike. Keebler's Elfkins are rich and tasty and have a satifying buttery and fudge flavor. Our only suggestion to Keebler is to make the box bigger!"

Doris Wilding: "They were wonderful, so fun and so good! Good for kids of any age!"

Judy Slack: "This is anoher good product made by the little elves. I'm sure we'll by them again; we loved them."

Edyth Jensen: "These were a hit with the little ones as well as the bigger ones. They taste just like the regular size chocolate cookies with the chocolate filling."

Linda C. Tingey: "They're sure tiny! Since I have teenage boys I'd pass, but for little guys they're great. They really taste good and are a fun cookie."

Conclusion: While adults may feel queasy about munching on little elves, these miniature chocolate cookies are definitely not short on taste!

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