Scripps Howard News Service To save time, create an Everything Book.

You can easily make one out of a regular loose-leaf binder. Pam Wallace of Jackson, Tenn., dresses hers up with the following verse recorded in the front:"All of the things that you want to remember

From the first of the year to the last of December

Just write on the pages of this little book

So when you want them you'll know where to look.

Recipes, ideas, a pattern or two

Whatever it is that's important to you

Write it right down, write in here, right away

And your Everything Book will grow day by day."

She puts tabs on the pages for "Christmas," "Gift for Folks" (sizes, things they mention they like, favorite colors, collections, etc.) and "Attic," so she knows what's stored up there or has been moved to another area.

- HERE'S A TIP for do-it-yourself homeowners. Cut out half the top of a one-gallon plastic milk jug, leaving the handle. Pour paint from original container into the jug. It's lightweight, mobile and can be discarded or recycled the next time you're working with the same color.

- TRIANGULAR COSMETIC SPONGES that get soiled by use and are time-consuming to clean can be recycled easily by putting them in a mesh bag and tossing it into the wash with a regular load of laundry.

- SAVE SMALL CANDLE STUBS throughout the year to use in the fireplace. Stack firework as usual and place a piece of candle on top of a medium size log. When the flames reach the candle they will melt the wax over the log, helping it burn. Works on wet wood, too.

- COLOR-CODE BED LINENS by size. Purchase all single-bed sheets, blankets and matching pillowcases in shades and prints of the same color. All double-bed sheets are another color. Fold sets together. Color-coding by size allows family members to find bed linens almost instantly.

Source: "Today's Tips for Easy Living," Dian Thomas (HPBooks).

- IF YOU LEAVE FOR WORK at 9 you know what's at home waiting for you at 5: unmade beds, breakfast dishes in the sink, a load of laundry and probably more. It helps if you develop a 15-20 minute "presentable house" straightening and cleaning schedule that you can live with on a daily basis, whether it's done in the morning or afternoon.

Source: "Great Entertaining: 1,001 Party Tips and Timesavers" by Bettie Bearden Pardee (Peachtree Publishers, $11.95.)

- NO CANDLEHOLDERS for the birthday cake? Use Lifesavers. They catch wax drippings even better than their plastic counterparts and add color to the celebration.

- MAKING HOME VIDEOS is fun. Saving them can be a problem. And finding those unforgettable moments among the clutter of tapes an even larger one. Here's a way to gain control of those home movies. Go ahead and capture all you want of a special occasion on tape. Then transfer the highlights to a master tape that is cataloged by child, holiday or year.

- END THOSE ENDLESS SEARCHES through your wallet by discarding all those things you really don't need more than one or twice a year. Include identification, one or two credit cards, a couple of checks and cash. If you get the jitters worrying about what's filed away at home, just ask yourself whether the world will end if you have to wait overnight to get to it. The answer is usually "No."How do you save time? We want to know. Write Time Shavers, The Commercial Appeal, 495 Union Ave., Memphis, Tenn. 38103. Include your name, address and daytime phone number. Here's a time-saving tip - keep it short!