Motorists heading north on the Coastal Highway customarily slow down when they see Officer Gregory - and his radar gun - sitting in his patrol car.

But he's never pulled anyone over and never will.Officer Gregory is a dummy.

The mannequin is not meant to be a trick, but Police Chief A.C. "Andy" Anderson just wants people traveling through Gold Beach to wonder: Is it live or is it Gregory?

"People laugh," Anderson says. "I laugh. I want people to laugh."

The department got Gregory three weeks ago on the premise that drivers invariably slow down when they see a cop with a radar gun.

As Highway 101 enters Gold Beach from the south, the speed limit drops from 55 mph to 45 mph and then to 30 mph.

"There's a lot of tourists passing through Gold Beach, and they don't always pay a lot of attention to local speed limits," Officer Kelly Sevey said.

"If Gregory prevents one accident or one person getting hit it's worth it," said Officer Graham Clark.

Live colleagues stop by and put Gregory's hands on the steering wheel or bend an elbow out the window to make him look natural.