Davis School Board unanimously approved a new teacher contract Monday.

Meeting before the district's Teacher Institute at Layton High School, the board voted to approve the contract ratified Thursday by district teachers."I think it is a good contract given the circumstances this year," said District Superintendent Richard Kendell. "I think it was a good offer and a good settlement. However, it was disappointing to some teachers because there was no cost-of-living increase."

Teachers voted 921-148 in favor of the contract. Although no cost-of-living increase was included, the contract keeps intact a 2-year-old increment and lane-change provision. Those not eligible for raises will get a $240 one-time bonus. As part of the contract agreement, the district will pay off the $1.2 million shortfall in the existing health insurance program. That will allow district employees to be insured through a state insurance pool rather than the current self-funding program that ran into difficulty this year.

Board member Ray Briscoe asked that the board support a Utah School Board position of increasing per-pupil expenditures within the state. "Teachers are going to have to get a raise. We can't keep the DEA happy with only lane chanes and increments," Briscoe said.