A custodian for an office building in southeast Provo discovered a bomb taped to a window Sunday afternoon - which caused slight damage with a small explosion while being deactivated.

Provo Police Sgt. T.K. Meyer said there are similarities between the bomb found Sunday and one found Jan. 28 at the Orem City Library.The custodian called Provo police about 3:24 p.m. to report what appeared to be a bomb taped to a window of a Wasatch Mental Health office, 286 S. 600 East. The device had wires coming out of it and was ticking.

At the scene, Meyer recognized the object was indeed a bomb and called for Provo's bomb squad. Sgt. Brad Leatham and Cpl. Ken Berkey, members of the bomb squad, "rendered the device safe by remote procedures," according to a statement released by the Police Department.

Provo police would not elaborate on how the bomb was deactivated. The process took just over an hour and did involve a small explosion. About $300 of damage occurred to the northwest window to which the bomb was attached.

"It's the first time in which I've requested the bomb disposal team to come, and it was in fact an explosive device," said Meyer, who's been with the Provo police 15 years.

The bomb had been on the building since Saturday or longer, Meyer said.

"Others saw it and didn't report it," he said.

Police would not elaborate on the construction of the bomb or the type and amount of explosives it contained. Provo police have no suspects in the incident at this time.

The bomb found at the Orem Library had also been taped to a window. It apparently ignited but failed to explode and fell to the ground, where it was spotted by a city employee.

Orem police turned the device, which was housed in a black box about the size of a 3-by-5-inch file-card holder, over to the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for analysis. Orem police spokesman Gerald Nielsen said Orem has not yet received the results of that analysis.