A proposed treaty allowing U.S. bases to remain in the country another seven years faces tough going in the Philippine Senate, and one lawmaker says President Corazon Aquino will have to twist arms to get it approved.

"If it is true that the executive will agree to a seven-year extension (of the bases agreement), then as far as I can see the agreement is dead in the water," Senator Rene Saguisag said Monday.Aquino's government said last weekend it had proposed a deal to allow the United States continued use of military bases until 1998 in return for $5.7 billion in compensation.

U.S. embassy spokesman Stanley Schrager said no final agreement had been reached on duration and compensation but he hoped there would be an accord soon.

Any new agreement requires the approval of two-thirds of the 23-member Philippine Senate.

A Senate rejection would toll the end of nearly a centurylong U.S. military presence in this former American colony.