Age: 46\ Born: Salt Lake City.\ Family: wife, Sherrie; children, Breana, 19; Anissa, 16; Mariah, 14; Kirsha, 12; Meleah, 11; Patrea, 9; Joshua, 6.\ Education: bachelor's degree, Weber State College; master's in public administration, Brigham Young University.

Occupation: manager, LDS Church copyrights and permissions office.


Size: 2.5 square miles

Population: 4,467

Budget: $677,490

Number of Employees: nine

Mayor's salary: $750 monthly

PERSONAL Politics: Generally Republican but will support whoever is the best candidate.

First "real" job: Carpenter's helper in home construction business.

Management style: Maximize participation of others. Organized, results-oriented but emphasize the process and how people feel about the results.

Why I like being mayor: "The opportunity to meet and interact with many people with different opinions and points of view. Also, the opportunity to influence change in a positive, growing way."

Why I hate being mayor: "I really do not `hate' anything or anyone. Disappointment or frustration comes mostly from not having enough information or resources to effectively solve more problems."

Recipe for success: "Create a positive and open environment for effective communication and clarify expectations. Believe in other people (and yourself). Work hard!"

A memorable failure: "I'm sure there are many, but I personally don't remember one!"

Heroes: The Savior, my father and Mission President Stephen R. Covey.

Leisure: Reading, racquetball, fishing, golf and family recreation.

Favorite book: "The Broken Heart," by Bruce Hafen.

Favorite movie "A Man for All Seasons," "Chariots of Fire"and "Les Miserables." "All portray the application of a person's deep convictions and values."