LeGrand Johnson Construction Co. of Logan is the apparent low bidder for reconstruction of a 6.3-mile section of U.S. Highway 30 south of Montpelier in Bear Lake County.

The Idaho Transportation Department said LeGrand Johnson's bid of $5,934,250 was the lowest of eight received.Work on the project will begin with flattening slopes and removing guardrail on the 27-year-old roadway. The old concrete pavement will be removed and recycled into new material, and new asphalt surface will be put down and seal coated to provide resistance against weather and water damage.

Part of the project also will involve upgrading an existing county road for use as a detour around the site during construction. The road will be widened, with a new asphalt surface added to accommodate the detour traffic.

The Transportation Department said proj-ect coordinators expect the job to take two construction seasons to complete because of the relatively short paving season in Bear Lake County.