American military personnel were anxious to see a Utah Air National Guard crew arrive in Egypt last week but were more excited to see the group go.

It seems traffic in and out of the Egyptian military camp has been slight in recent weeks, and the flow of mail has been at a dead stop."One of the first things they asked us was `Would you please take our mail out?' " said Maj. Brett Winget, a KC-135 pilot with the Salt Lake-based 191st Air Refueling Squadron.

American troops in the undisclosed location in Egypt, working as part of Operation Desert Storm, have had some mail get through to them but have had virtually no mail leave for home for several weeks, Winget said. And telephones there aren't always available or working.

So the air crew, which arrived Friday in Salt Lake City, brought back seven bags of mail that were transferred to the Postal Service for delivery around the United States.