Cookbook search

A reader called our food editor, Ann Allen, wanting the name of a cookbook that was offered as a gift for subscribing to the Deseret News. The offer was made during World War II and the cookbook had a green cover.The reader believes the book was published by the Deseret News, but no one at the Deseret News remembers such a book.

Perhaps one of our readers remembers the cookbook. If so, give us a call at 237-2170. All we need is the name so the reader can ask used book dealers to keep a lookout for it.

Better yet, if someone out there has the cookbook and wants to get rid of it, that would make our reader even happier.

Car rental insurance

Should you or should you not buy car rental insurance when you rent a car? According to the February issue of MONEY magazine, a collision-damage waiver costs between $7 to $12 a day, expensive by most people's way of thinking.

The magazine says you should make your decision only after checking your own coverage. It also depends on where you'll be driving. If you are renting in New York or Illinois, your liability is $100 and $200, respectively.

Otherwise, most comprehensive policies cover a rented car's full value in case of theft, vandalism or accident.

Many pay for the loss of the use of the vehicle, too.

If you pay for the rental car with certain charge cards, including most gold cards, you get full coverage for accidents, vandalism, theft and loss of use when you decline the collision damage waiver.

Two cards that cover you are the American Express green card ($55 annual fee) and the Chase Visa or MasterCard ($20 annual fee).

Most rental car agencies hold you responsible for any damage caused by an accident, no matter who is at fault, up to the car's market value. Among the industry's big four, Hertz and Budget hold clients responsible for theft and vandalism. Avis and National do not. All but Hertz tack on loss of use costs to recoup the money they would have made if the car had been in service.