Representatives of the Nephi, Mona and Levan fire departments met recently with the Juab County Commission seeking to change fire contracts each of the cities has with the county.

Nephi has a standby contract rate of $1,200 and pays each firefighter a $4-per-hour firefighting fee. Mona has a higher standby fee of $1,500 and charges the county a flat $25-per-unit fee per hour when called out. Levan has a lower standby fee, only $750, with the same $25-per-unit fee per hour as Mona receives. Eureka has the lowest standby fee, $600, and also receives $25 per unit per hour.Commissioners agreed the county gets more than its monty's worth from the separate departments.

However, contract changes cannot be made until a new budget is drawn up, prompting commissioners to request time to study the districts and determine how much money can be made available in the new budget year.