The coach of the hapless Kansas City Blades went into a debris-hurling temper tantrum to communicate his frustration about referee Scott Zelkin's calls.

And more than 5,600 fans roared their agreement after a series of Zelkin calls helped Peoria to a 8-4 victory Sunday afternoon.Midway through the third period of the International Hockey League match, Blades coach Doug Soetaert flung a large metal garbage can onto the Kemper Arena ice and followed up by littering the rink with a barrage of hockey sticks.

"I thought it was an appropriate comment," Soetaert said. "The garbage can made a perfect statement for the way (Zelkin) does a game."

Soetaert actually threw the can twice, the second time for emphasis, and Blades winger Mike Gober had to be restrained from charging Zelkin after being called for a penalty.