The 15,000-member Utah Education Association endorsed Ted Wilson, Democratic candidate for governor, Monday.

The 16-member non-partisan UEA Political Action Committee, which issued the endorsement, has eight members representing each of the major political parties.The endorsement does not imply that UEA members will be told how to vote in the November election, said Jim Campbell, association president. He was a delegate to the GOP national convention in New Orleans last week.

Campbell said members will be advised of the thorough study the political action committee made of the major gubernatorial candidates and that Wilson is its choice. The candidates were asked to submit questionnaires and made statements during interviews on their educational stands. Their track records as office holders also were reviewed.

"We on the committee believe Wilson understands the needs of children and he understands what goes on in the classroom better than any other candidate for governor," Campbell said. Wilson was a classroom teacher at one time and is now an employee of the University of Utah.

The committee concluded that Wilson is the best hope teachers have for being relieved of unnecessary classroom responsibilities "so they can devote their working hours to teaching, getting politicians off educators' backs and that he will work with educators to achieve real reforms," Campbell said.

UEA's membership is indicating it wants change, he said.