Rep. Wayne Owens, D-Utah, has again introduced a bill to help ensure that Utah does not become the "crossroads of the waste."

It would allow states to "just say no" to hazardous wastes shipped from out of state and allows states to charge higher fees to remove economic incentives for interstate waste shipping."This means that it won't be such a blue-light special for industries to ship their waste out-of-state," Owens told the House as he reintroduced the bill, which he also sponsored last year. "It will also mean that our highways won't be so clogged with hazardous materials."

Owens complained many states have set fees for hazardous wastes to encourage their exportation to other states.

"California charges from $105 per ton to $210 per ton for hazardous-waste disposal within the state. California also charges $42 per ton to ship hazardous wastes outside of the state. Clearly, the fees are structured as an incentive to ship hazardous wastes outside of the state," he said.

Owens' staff said the dumping fees in Utah are around $20, and interstate commerce rules make it difficult to raise dumping fees in ways that may impede commerce across state lines.