Elder Paul H. Dunn has responded to an article that appeared Saturday in the Arizona Republic, saying he was "deeply sorrowed to read the article which aims at a great institution and those officers who represent it."

The Deseret News published an article by The Associated Press in its Saturday editions that was based upon the Arizona Republic article. In the article, writer Richard R. Robertson alleged Elder Dunn had exaggerated stories about his life.Elder Dunn, who received emeritus status as a general authority of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in September 1989 because of age and health factors, said Saturday that unfortunately the Arizona Republic chose to base the article's conclusions and its headline on just a few stories taken from more than 40 years of speaking and writing.

"Over the years as a teacher and an officer of the LDS Church, I have shared my personal experiences in order to teach and motivate people. In that capacity, I have used hundreds of illustrations from a variety of sources including my own life. The places and events from my own life I have described, including my war assignments and minor-league baseball affiliations, were actual experiences.

"As I stated to the reporter in the interview, I have on some occasions changed the names of people involved to provide confidentiality, combined events to try to make a more pointed or vivid illustration, and added emphasis or detail to stories to increase their teaching impact. I did not state that I fabricated those stories, because I had been in the places and experienced the events.

"It has always been my objective to teach more effectively. In so doing, I have never intended to mislead or to aggrandize my own circumstances, and I regret that such an impression may have been given."