Expect to hear a lot about the effort to raise money to help win the 1998 Winter Games over the next month as the state's Olympic sales force launches what it hopes will be an advertising blitz.

Executives of the state's newspapers and television and radio stations were assembled last week in Gov. Norm Bangerter's boardroom to hear why they should donate tens of thousands of dollars in free advertising to the effort."With less than four months remaining in the campaign, there is great urgency in our request for your support," Bangerter told the media executives. "We feel confident that with your help, our dream can be realized."

The Salt Lake City Bid Committee for the Olympic Winter Games handed out copies of print advertisements as well as 30-second commercials for both radio and television.

"You are invited to join the Salt Lake City effort to capture the 1998 Olympic Winter Games," the print advertisement reads, going on to explain that more than a million dollars are needed.

"Tax monies that were approved in the 1989 referendum go only to build facilities. Money for the bid effort must be raised through private contributions," the ad states.

In exchange for checking a box on the coupon next to either $25, $50, $100 or "other," contributors are promised a "free `I'm Backin' The Bid' bumper sticker."

Each of the five ads designed for the campaign features a different photograph and headline. One, put together before the United States went to war against Iraq, has a photograph of flags of many nations flying together and is headlined, "Support a Foreign Invasion of Utah."

Radio listeners get a similar straightforward invitation to contribute, but television viewers will see a young skater practicing her moves alone on a rink in slow motion.

TV audiences will be asked to send in $19.98 because "The Olympic spirit will last our children a lifetime." The radio commercial does not specify a suggested amount.

Daily newspapers are being asked to run the advertisements three times a week and weekly newspapers in every issue between Feb. 21 and March 21. Radio and TV stations are being asked for six spots a day.

There is no specific monetary goal to be raised by this campaign. Tom Welch, bid committee chairman, said the purpose of the advertising is not to raise significant amounts of money but to involve the community in the effort.