Davis County will donate between 3,000 and 4,000 cubic yards of fill dirt as its contribution to a Great Salt Lake diking research project, the county commission decided Monday.

Public Works Director Sid Smith said the fill dirt will be excavated from debris basins in the county as part of an ongoing effort to enlarge the basins and increase their capacity. He estimated the value of the fill dirt at about $20,000.Bountiful architect Don Johnson has spent the past six months trying to garner support for his proposal to use precast concrete slabs to build an inter-island chain of dikes around the lake, separating the fresh water from the salt water - thereby creating a new recreation facility while controlling the lake's level.

The state legislature voted to fund the research project, but on condition that other political entities which would benefit from the diking also contribute.

The proposal calls for an experimental section of dike to be constructed at the end of Clark Lane in west Farmington, next to the Wheeler Ranch property.

In addition to the Davis County donation, the project will be funded by the state money and funds from Salt Lake County, he said.